14 new certified trainers The 4th PAN Course was held in Lisbon, Portugal on the 20th and 21st of June 2016. In total 14 participants were certified as new trainers. WoCoVA would like to congratulate all new trainers! Read more


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The PICC Academy Network (PAN), offers a comprehensive PICC training program.

The goal of the PAN is to bring all the PICC trainers to a level of excellence, build “accredited” PICC training centers in many countries, as well as spread guidelines and best practices for better patient outcomes. The PAN will also endorse networking and sharing experience about PICC training.

The use of PICC (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters) is growing in many countries around the world. PICC’s are a good alternative to traditional Centrally Inserted Central Catheters (CICC’s), especially for mid to long-term intravenous therapies. Their placement is simple, non-traumatic with low iatrogenic risks. They are also particularly appropriate for home infusion, for example for parenteral nutrition or antibiotic therapy.

WoCoVA is organizing the 4th International PICC course in Lisbon, June 20-21, 2016